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259,200 seconds

Three days. Thatís 72 hours Ö 4320 minutes Ö 259,200 seconds. The fact that I can practically do the math in my head (I had to use pen and paper for the seconds) makes it all seem so close. And if thatís not bad enough Ö a few years back it was an Air France 747 that skidded off the runway at Pearson and burst into flames (no fatalities thank god). Iíve been trying to push that back into the recesses of my mind for a few weeks with some success Ö but today the headlines read that an Air France 747 just skidded off the runway in Montreal this morning Ö

Arghhh Ö whatís a poor mother to do?

Only two days. Iíll spare you the math.

11:40 a.m. - 2008-08-28

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